01. For homework, please [define] the following expressions in your own words.
02. It can be quite difficult to clearly [define] abstract ideas such as love or friendship.
03. Moderate alcohol consumption is [defined] as no more than 2 drinks a day for men, and no more than 1 drink a day for women.
04. Terrorism is [defined] as the deliberate targeting of civilians in order to create a climate of terror.
05. My ESL instructor emphasizes learning vocabulary in context, rather than simply memorizing [definitions].
06. He knows the [definition] of lots of words, but he can't actually use many of them in a proper sentence.
07. A bicycle route through the valley is clearly [defined] now.
08. Significant moral issues can seldom be sharply [defined].
09. Fever is usually [defined] as an oral temperature above 37.4 degrees.
10. In a traditional Iraqi family, each member's role is clearly [defined].
11. According to anthropologists, there appears to be a universal [definition] of human beauty.
12. The women's liberation movement has resulted in [redefinitions] of the ways men and women relate to each other.
13. Before buying yourself a new dictionary, look up a few words in different ones, so you can see which one has the clearest [definitions].
14. We have to write simple [definitions] for the new vocabulary as homework.
15. Although Nigeria was created because of European ambitions and rivalries in West Africa, its peoples had a rich history before the colonial borders were [defined].
16. In every culture, fashion plays an important role, from [defining] wealth and status to allowing individuals to express their unique style.
17. The United States' space program is [redefining] the boundaries of space travel.
18. The new leader of the NDP will have to [define] his party's position a little more clearly than his predecessor if he hopes to improve their showing in the next election.
19. Thomas Harding once wrote that it is hard for a woman to [define] her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs.
20. Benjamin Whorf once suggested that language is not simply a reporting device for experience, but a [defining] framework for it.
21. Abraham Maslow [defined] a hierarchy of needs which motivate man's behavior.
22. Rose Elizabeth Bird once said that it's always the minorities, who aren't a part of the mainstream, who [define] what the limits of the majority are going to be.
23. A dictionary gives more [definitions] for the word 'set' than any other word in the English language.
24. Psychologists have proposed a number of criteria with which to [define] abnormality.
25. Quentin Tarentino has [redefined] the kung fu movie genre with his instant classic, "Kill Bill."
26. Language has certain general, [definable] rules which explain the way a language is used.
27. The dictionary [defines] happiness as a feeling of pleasure or contentment.
28. Categorizing their music as punk or rock is meaningless. It is both and it is more. It is [indefinable].
29. The following mathematical formula is [undefined] because it does not permit a sensible output.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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